A first bookish post


Hello there, welcome to my freshly created, bookish blog. If this was a physical space, I would be offering you a cup of tea and some rather delicious shortbread biscuits as these are by my side as I write this. Tea + biscuits + books = my happy place.

Photo 27-06-2017, 07 35 39

I have been inspired to create this bookish blog by all the amazing people I have discovered on ‘booktube’ and on Instagram, especially by my rather wonderful friend, Mel (Mel’s Bookland Adventures on YouTube).

Photo 28-06-2017, 08 44 20Though I am generally social media savvy, this community of book lovers is a fairly new revelation to me and I am at that stage of new love, where I can’t get enough of all the recommendations, insights and new connections. My piles of books to be read have grown extensively and I am reading like I am a teenager again; focused, engaged and just loving the experience whole heartedly.

Photo 27-06-2017, 07 33 07

I am toying with creating my own channel on YouTube, if the shy introvert that I am can face her fears of video making! In the meantime, I thought I would create this space to share my own reviews, discoveries and anything bookish, which takes my fancy.

Photo 22-06-2017, 11 57 19

I have an eclectic reading range; anything from good quality young adult fiction to the classics, with a passion for murder mysteries and historical fiction thrown in for good measure. I am also part of a ‘Read Around The World’ bookclub on Goodreads, which is focusing on contemporary female authors translated into English and I hope to write about these book adventures too.

Photo 01-06-2017, 17 43 18

And so I’m hoping that I will have a rich and varied mixture of posts on here in the coming months.

Wishing you a lovely day,



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