Dear Body: poems on identity, disability and finding your place in the world

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Usually I jump straight into my reviews, but this post is a little different. I want to begin by telling you a bit about Hannah, the author of an incredible poetry pamphlet I have just devoured.

I came across Hannah on Youtube a while back (find her here), through a bookish review she had put up on her channel and I’ve been watching ever since. She is a warm, genuine young woman and has an immense passion for life- one of those people who remind you that there is good to be found in this often-overwhelming world. And her resilience is astounding as she was diagnosed with a life limiting condition as a teenager and has to deal with challenging additional illnesses as a matter of course. Though she could let disability stop her, she doesn’t. She reaches out, shares her experiences, embraces life regardless, questions society’s views on disability and is such a positive voice for other young people. Plus, she writes awesome poetry too!

In her poetry collection, Dear Body, she explores the relationship between her personal identity, her body and how she fits into the world. Her poetry is honest, powerful and accessible as well as just being beautifully written. I felt all the emotions as I read, and they are the kind of poems that stay with you long after you have finished. I certainly feel richer having read Hannah’s collection.

I of course strongly recommend you purchase a copy of Dear Body on her website (easy Paypal purchase) and have a read of her blog while you are there too. Click here for Hannah’s blog and shop.


Hannah was also part of a recent article in The Guardian about the positive role that social media can play for people with both physical and mental disabilities. I can relate to this from personal experience. Though I am aware of the many negatives, social media can indeed be a life line and I certainly wouldn’t have known about Hannah otherwise!


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