Shedunnit: my dream bookish podcast

Today, I want to share my favourite bookish podcast with you. It’s called Shedunnit and its premise is “to unravel the mysteries behind classic detective stories.”. If you are into Golden Age crime fiction, the authors behind the books and the real crimes that influenced their narratives, then this is most definitely for you.


What strikes me each time I listen is the quality of the research, the depth of content (all the books mentioned are listed in the show notes and full transcripts are available on the website too)  and just how compelling it is to listen to. It is produced to an exceptionally high standard by Caroline Crampton, who also writes the content and is the narrator of the podcast.gg98405682 (2)

I absolutely love the period music Caroline uses to intersperse the sections, it really adds to the atmosphere and I also really appreciate her voice; its clarity and engaging quality – as we all know, I am so fussy when listening audio. Of course, the content is pretty special as well. To give you a taste of what you can expect, here are a few of my favourite episodes so far:

01: Surplus Women (single, independent women after the First World War 

03: Queer Clues (the portrayal of queer characters)

04: The Lady Vanishes (on Agatha Christie’s missing days)

08: Dining with Death (the pivotal role of food in golden age mysteries)

13: The secret life of Ngaio Marsh

 The podcast includes interviews with lovers of the genre, experts and with authors who set their books during the Golden Age of the 20s and 30s . Recently, two of my favourite ever authors have made appearances and were such a treat to listen to: Jacqueline Winspear (writer of my much loved Maisie Dobbs series)in episode 15, focusing on period style and Robin Stevens (creator of the gorgeous Murder Most Unladylike series)  in episode 19 looking at school as a perfect murder mystery setting.

gg98405682 (2)

A couple of months ago, Caroline set up a membership option as a way to create a community around the podcast but also as a way of keeping the podcast on air. When you listen you will get some idea of the amount of work and time that goes into making each episode.  At this point I must mention that I ‘m writing about this purely because of my love for the show, my post is in no way sponsored.

Membership package 1 enables you to be part of the members only Shedunnit online book club and message board, to access extra content that isn’t included in the main podcast plus there’s an extra monthly episode. Membership package 2 included all of the above PLUS a monthly subscription box containing goodies curated by Caroline and including a rare or unusual second had detective novel. I am personally subscribed to this and absolutely love my monthly murder mystery bookish post. I had a lovely email to begin with, asking me about my reading tastes, books I’ve read/want to read in future etc- that personal touch makes all the difference. Find more info here.

gg98405682 (2)

And speaking of which, this month’s package has just arrived so I’ll stop now and find out what this month’s treasures are…

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